Complete Career Guidance: 8 fashion merchandising career outlook

Outlook for Fashion Merchandising Careers 

1. Find out what you can expect from your career in the industry of fashion merchandising career.

Fashion merchandising career jobs and other career options in fashion are typically attracting an enormous number of people. As a result, there are more applicants than positions.

If you are serious about your fashion career opportunities in merchandising, do not let this discourage you.

Make every effort in order to elevate your resume up the pile. Consider taking an internship or an entry-level job. Since many people want these professions and the job growth rate is below average because of the small number of jobs, getting your foot on the ground could be a blessing.

Beyond your desire and determination having a degree and a basic working experience could make you an attractive job applicant.

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2. Preparation for Careers in Fashion merchandising career

Many schools offer degrees or diplomas in the field of fashion merchandise. The decision to choose the diploma program or associate or bachelor’s degree could be contingent on the speed at which you’d like to be in the workforce.

While associate’s or diploma-level programs are beneficial due to being less time-consuming and less expensive, a bachelor’s degree can be the best choice for anyone making your way into fashion merchandising or in any other sector. Here are a few opportunities you’ll be able to take advantage of each degree:

  • Certificate: A diploma in fashion merchandising is a course that will equip you with the knowledge to design displays of fashion, help buyers and merchandisers, and do basic marketing tasks related to fashion.
  • Associate’s Degree: You will be ready to take on a job at an entry-level in fashion buying, acquisition or merchandising, with two years of a one-to-two-year associate’s degree.
  • Bachelor’s degree: The four-year bachelor’s degree is an extremely versatile degree that could help you get a job within fashion-related marketing management of personnel and management of retail and product purchasing and marketing. If you’re planning to enter an executive degree later in your life, then you need to be in the process of obtaining your bachelor’s degree to be eligible for this.

Working experience can improve your chances of securing the job you have always wanted. A lot of companies prefer to hire internally before hiring from outside. If you are willing to begin at the bottom, you are more likely to be offered the job in fashion merchandising that you would like to have shortly. Find similar jobs and use your experience in the industry towards a career in fashion merchandising career.

3. fashion merchandising Jobs, Growth and Outlook

Fashion jobs aren’t as plentiful but are diverse, So here are the different forecasts for job growth taken from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) current Occupational Outlook Handbook for different career options in fashion merchandising. As a reference, the employment expansion rate of all jobs is 4% from 2029.

fashion merchandising career salary Job Growth Through 2030

Managers of purchasing 6.6% lower than average

Agents for purchasing and buyers -5%, which is lower than the average

Marketing, promotions, and advertising marketing managers 10%. A little quicker than the average

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4. fashion merchandising salary

Fashion merchandisers belong to the greater category of buyers and purchasing agents. As per the BLS, the median annual pay for purchasing agents and buyers in 2020 will be $72,270. The actual salary may differ greatly depending on the specification of the field, geographic location and experience levels, and various other factors.

The long-term forecasts for employment growth could not be reflected in local or even short-term work conditions, and they do not guarantee the actual employment growth.

Style An Exciting Career In Fashion merchandising career

Fashion merchandisers need to know about retail and marketing how to assist designers in selling their merchandise. They should be able to discern trends and trends in consumer behavior and ensure that the item is in stock. Skills in marketing and a keen awareness of what is selling will make you stand out in fashion retailing.


There are numerous exciting careers you can be eligible for when you graduate with a diploma in the field of fashion merchandise. You could be a fashion buyer or store manager, merchandiser, or retailer. There are also opportunities in fashion marketing, fashion event planning, or developing products. If you have a degree in fashion merchandising, then you could choose the job that’s best for you.


The number of people employed as marketing, advertising and sales managers is anticipated to increase at a rate above average between 21 per cent and 35% each year up to 2010.

In the field of fashion merchandising career, companies require college graduates with relevant experiences, a high degree of imagination, and excellent communication skills.

Marketing, advertising sales manager positions are highly sought-after and will be sought after by other managers, leading to intense competition.


You can earn a degree or certificate in fashion Merchandising. Through these programs, you’ll find an educational program that will provide you with instruction in all aspects of promotions and sales and courses in the management of retail and the behavior of consumers. In addition, you will be taught how to work in the fashion industry and learn how to work with retailers and designers to promote their merchandise in the best way possible.

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There is a lot of focus on fashion in the present and advertising the work of designers is essential for many sectors of the fashion business. Work in this industry is highly competitive, and only the best professionals in fashion will be eligible for the job in a marketplace that has seen increased competition over time. Salary in this field can be wildly different, ranging between $50,000 and 100,00 or more per year.

5. Overview Of Fashion merchandising career Industry

There are many different kinds of jobs available for people in fashion. There’s the chance of using your skills and talents to get a wide range of lucrative and rewarding job opportunities. If you’re thinking of learning about fashion at a college or school, before deciding on a course, consider taking a moment to look at the following examples to help to determine the kind of job you’d like to pursue.

Designers use their creative idea to create clothing, clothes, and accessories adored by the public. A majority of designers are specialized in a particular field like children’s clothing or menswear, high-end or casual clothing. If you want to work in this field, you will need to be an observer of particulars, the ability to express your creativity, as well as a knowledge of the most recent trends and ideas.

A merchandiser communicates with shops and boutiques about what items to offer and aid in creating effective marketing campaigns. Merchandisers may spend time at exhibitions as well as meeting designers as well as suppliers.

A fashion photographer could be a fascinating job to pursue. It is possible to work for a specific clothing store or magazine. Photographers must convey the essence of a dress and be knowledgeable of different imaging methods.

Stylists are a vital part of the fashion industry, and they’re required to create models for shoots and runway shows. A stylist must know about clothing, makeup and hairstyles to create a stunning style that aligns with a specific idea.

If you possess a strong ability to communicate, there is a chance of becoming an author. It’s a rewarding job and is highly sought-after. Writers are employed by design magazines, design websites and production companies. They will be required to educate the public on the latest trends and interview experts in the field.

There is a need for professional costume designers to be employed in the television, film and stage production industries. Someone with this background can supervise the wardrobes and other accessories with actors, directors, and set designers. It is also possible of working alongside some of the top musicians in the world as costume designers.

This is just a tiny list of possible jobs offered in the world of fashion. Consider your options carefully for what career path will best suit your needs and personal goals. Then choose a course of study which will help you achieve these goals.

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6. Types of Fashion merchandising career

A] Fashion Merchandiser

B] Production or Export Merchandiser

C] Retail Merchandiser

7. How much does a fashion merchandiser make?

The average salary for Fashion Merchandisers averages $52,369 annually which is $25.18 per hour within the United States. People at the bottom of that spectrum, in the lower 10%, to be precise earn around $37,000 per year while people in the highest 10% earns $73,000. Like most things it is important to consider the location. Maryland, Maine, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts have the highest fashion Merchandiser pay.

8. Fashion merchandising degree

The world of fashion Merchandising is a field where the most important factor is to be able to anticipate and react to the needs of the customer in regards to fashion, and ensure that sales and profits of the company are increased.

It is for everyone who is interested in fashion and business. In today’s the world of fashion, professionals are required by manufacturers as well as retailers that is why it is important to obtain the appropriate education to get into the business.

This is the reason you’re reading this article now. Making this your profession can open doors to pursue different degrees like fashion buying, retail management production and design of textiles, fashion marketing as well as retail marketing and promotion the history of fashion and economics.

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