About us

What is Yak Style?

The new fashion blog to teach people who are interested in fashion. Here in this blog you can see so many articles about fashion career, job and their work and also some great institutions for fashion.

We started this blog for people who wants to know about fashion field and opportunities in this fashion field.

The main purpose of this blog is to share the information about fashion, clothing, traveling, and trend’s and how you can grow in this career, what are the opportunities you have in this field.

Who started this blog..?

Hello this is Sandeep I am the founder, author, developer, content creator of this blog and I am not a model or fashion designer but still why I started this blog…

The main reason is one of my friend Abhavya she is a fashion designer and model i told her to start a blog and share your experience with that blog. I told her many time and how to start and what to do every thing but still she didn’t start any blog so then on behalf of her i started this blog YAK STYLE.

So what ever content I am sharing in this blog is with her help…(ABHAVYA)